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 Magic CW Lotion

Magic CT  Milk /


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Oil Control And Silicone Build-Up Decomposition Treatement

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- 秀髮能量全面提升

- 粗硬受損髮質:立刻回復柔韌

- 毛燥髮質:撫平50-70%毛燥

- 受損髮質:提升50-70%柔順度

- 經常染髮受損髮質:提升50%飽滿度

- 幼弱髮質燙後:提升80%彈性

- 髮根扁塌:立刻回復蓬鬆空氣感



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- 增加氨基酸的滲透力

- 穩定水解及角蛋白

- 結合膠原蛋白

- 具有超強抗氧化功效

- 針對染燙氧化受損髮質

The natural cleansing effect can gradually deep clean the hair follicles, whilst the silica gel can trap dirt on the scalp and hair, creating an ideal oil control effect

Can effectively improve hair elasticity, moisture retention and strength, increasing the diameter of hair strands by 10%

- 避免燙髮的傷害

- 提升秀髮


- 有助蛋白質吸收

- 保護毛囊及頭皮層

  1. Wet scalp and hair thoroughly with warm water.

  2. Rub an appropriate amount (2ml for short hair ~ 5ml for long hair) of Instant Weightless and Oil Control Shampoo evenly onto palms and apply onto hair from roots to ends. Rub gently to enrich the foam and massage scalp and hair for about 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

  3. Spray hair roots and ends evenly with Instant Network Protein Purifier (10ml~20ml). Rub with fingers gently to enrich the foam.

  4. Spray with Nano Hair Care Pro for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

  5. Divide hair into 8 sections. Open and mix High-purity Vitamin B5(Package 1) and NaPCA(Package 2) . Apply evenly onto hair and massage.

  6. Then spray evenly with Nano Hair Care Pro about 10~15 minutes.

  7. Apply Power Base Protein Cream (Package 3) and massage each section about 1 minute.

  8. Spray with Nano Hair Care Pro about 10~15 minutes evenly again, then rinse with warm water thoroughly.

  9. Dry hair with a towel. Open and apply Cuticle Ennence (Package 4), apply evenly onto hair and then blow and style.

  10. Use Smoothing Balm Home Care (1~2)g every time after hair washing for rinse-free repair.

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