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The R3 System hair care key concepts are Reconstruct, Rebuild and Replenish. Hair strands are revitalized from root to tip, to achieve #Reinvigorate a restorative effect and grow strong healthy hair. Our products have always used herbal ingredients to extract the essence of nature, such as Vitamin B5, Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil extract and citric acid. These effectively restructure the hair, making it softer, shinier and healthier

#R3  Syetem



Due to side effects caused by misuse of petroleum-based products, 80% of people’s hair suffers from catastrophic damage! Our R3 System JP utilizes the power of nature from herbal extracts. This specialist product can deeply purify and maintain your scalp, comprehensively caring for every strand of hair!


Healthy, beautiful and attractive hair is based on the original qualities of the skin and pores. Although we cannot change genetic and environmental factors, advancements in modern technology can still remove the accumulation of chemicals in hair. Our product can thoroughly remove and prevent clogged pores by targeting oil and grime on the skin – See the effects after just one use! Obtain relief from dandruff, ulcers, red spots, allergies, oily hair and other troublesome symptoms caused by microorganisms. Get your hair and scalp back on track!


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