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Instant B5 Infant Complex & Instant B5 Premier Complex+

In accordance with cosmetic principles, it provides comprehensive internal and external deep treatment for your hair, repairing, restoring and restructuring. It can also strengthen your hair cores, and enhance elasticity and toughness by repairing from the inside out. Your hair will immediately return to its youthful appearance, full of supple texture and natural feel.


Combination of amazing healing properties,

For instant restoration of healthy hair.

The power of herbal extracts, when harnessed with technology and natural ingredients, enables the instant improvement, treatment and awakening of the pores, to stop greasy hair from falling off, inhibit scalp sores and Pityrosporum ovale, and rebuild the hair, leaving them

revitalized with health restored!


Instant B5 Premier Complex+

Instant B5 Premier Complex+ contains Sodium Hyaluronate, and STRUCTURINE@, which is based on the latest scientific research in the world and patented in France. It provides comprehensive internal and external deep treatment for your hair, repairing, restoring, and restructuring.


Instant B5 Complex

It contains several natural moisturizing factors and a large amount of keratin, which are easily absorbed by hair, to provide both nourishment and film-forming effects, improve damaged hair and make hair soft and supple.


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Severely Damaged Hair

Sensitive And Oily Scalp

Oily Scalp

Introducing the new high-end R3 System Nano Hair Care Pro with patented ultra-fine (0.26nm) water infusion. The atomization conserves water and allows for deeper infusion, whilst its high infiltration power strengthens the absorption of repair products. With #Instant B5 Infant Complex , or #Instant B5 Premier Complex +, you can really introduce B5 nutrients to replenish and improve all aspects of your hair quality, leaving it looking soft and beautiful!

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Nano Hair Care Pro


- Patented Ultra-fine (0.26nm) Nano-atomization Water Infusion

- Adjustable Atomization and Water Infusion Settings

- Pre-heat Startup Only Takes 60 Seconds for Immediate Use

- Focused Single Nozzle, for Strong Infusion and Infiltration of Water

- Atomization Conserves Water and Allows for Deeper Infusion

# R3 System


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