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Introducing the new high-end R3 System Nano Hair Care Pro with patented ultra-fine (0.26nm) water infusion. The atomization conserves water and allows for deeper infusion, whilst its high infiltration power strengthens the absorption of repair products. With #Instant B5 Infant Complex , or #Instant B5 Premier Complex +, you can really introduce B5 nutrients to replenish and improve all aspects of your hair quality, leaving it looking soft and beautiful!

Nano Hair Care Pro

  • - [Patented] Ultra-fine (0.26nm) Nano-atomization Water Infusion

    - Adjustable Atomization and Water Infusion Settings

    - Pre-heat Startup Only Takes 60 Seconds for Immediate Use

    - Focused Single Nozzle, for Strong Infusion and Infiltration of Water

    - Atomization Conserves Water and Allows for Deeper Infusion

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