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Just launched: Instant B5 Premier Complex +. Possesses 100% penetration ability and water solubility. It has therapeutic hair treatment effects, is skin friendly and contains STRUCTURINE®, which is based on the latest scientific research in the world and patented in France. It contains high quality Vitamin B5 and seven types of skin care materials including NaPCA. In accordance with cosmetic principles, it provides comprehensive internal and external deep treatment for your hair, repairing, restoring and restructuring. It can also strengthen your hair cores, and enhance elasticity and toughness by repairing from the inside out. Your hair will immediately return to its youthful appearance, full of supple texture and natural feel. It also comes with 100ml of long-acting nutrient restoration cream, which is effective for 45-60 days and adheres to all your hair strands day and night, letting you radiate alluring charm every second.

- Thoroughly repair dry hair, split ends and damaged hair

- Completely rebuild and restore structural damage

- Strengthen hair cores, enhance elasticity and toughness

Instant B5 Premier Complex +

  • Three ingredients for repairing hair and scalp


    High purity Vitamin B5:

    - Improve damaged hair

    - Improve Hair Elasticity, Moisture Retention and Suppleness

    - Penetrates your hair shafts and roots, providing extra Vitamin B5 to thicken and promote hair growth, and increasing the diameter of hair strands by 10%

    - Long lasting moisturizer, to prevent dry and split hair


    Moisturizing Factor NaPCA:

    - Several Natural Moisturizing Factors, Moisturizes Instantly to Making Hair Soft and Supple


    Sodium Hyaluronate:

    - One gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 6 liters of water, immediately restoring dry hair to a lustrous shine


    Four types of natural hair nourishing extracts:


    Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein:

    - Contains STRUCTURINE®, which is based on the latest scientific research in the world and patented in France. The low molecular weight glutaminated peptides and oligosaccharides extracted from lupine can promote the synthesis of epidermal proteins and lipids, comprehensively repairing and hydrating from the inside out.


    Bertholletia Excelsa Oil:

    - Extra strong moisturizing effect, repair dry hair, heat resistance and water retention function


    Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil:

    - Contains a variety of active magnesium ingredients to prevent UV damage


    Olea Europaea:

    - Dissolves grease to cleanse the hair

    - Contains Vitamin E and Polyphenols to promote blood circulation, which can enhance hair growth


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